Perspectives on the Future


Perspectives on the Future is a project launched in collaboration with Paralaxe, a research team based in Portugal dedicated to the fusion of art and science. Perspectives on the Future: the Call is created for the artist book Observações em torno do tempo, da terra e do ar from Paralaxe; in the Call strangers from all over the world are asked to answer the following question: what is your perspective on the future? 

Dreams, fears and projections are confessed on this page, which will fill a digital archive under development. The work aims to reflect on the meaning of perspective and on what it means to put oneself in the other person's shoes to observe reality from their point of view. A machine inspired by Renaissance models of perspective calculation will be used for this purpose; inside it, dioramas inspired by the audio received will create an immersive environment which, together with the sound component, will allow to experience the viewpoint of others .





Castles of sand take shape and are destroyed in a seascape where dreams rise as obstacles.