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Chasse au Parc Palmer


Workshop on the discovery of public space organised with children at the Château Palmer in Cenon during the 2021-22 school year, in collaboration with the OCAC association.

Based on the study of the Palmer Parc area through play and the use of materials found on site, the children made a fabric map representing the park. On the inside, they unrolled a route that is also a logbook, containing the work carried out during the year in the form of tests to be passed and boxes to be conquered to reach the end of the game. 


The work, planned together with the children, takes into account studies on emotional geography and deep mapping. The participants were invited, through outdoor activities, to rediscover the space around them, stripping elements of their original meaning and reconsidering them as sculptures, stories or places on which to build their own architectures.

Space becomes an experience, the map a collector of moments. 

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