Graduated in sculpture (master) and graphic art (bachelor) from Brera Fine Arts, Milan.

Erasmus in Faculdade de Belas Artes Universidade do Porto (FBAUP), Porto.


. The House and the Tree collective exhibition A uso non domesticoLa Casa di Carla, Milano.

. Perspectives on the Future in the book Observações em torno do tempo, da terra e do ar  published by the research group Paralaxe, Livraria Térmita, Porto

. Racconti di Viaggio Festival Festival organized in collaboration with a sociologist in Pennapiedimonte.

Chambre d'Enfant collective exhibition Fait MainLa Chiffonne Rit, Bordeaux.

. L'arte di sedersi short story in the book I racconti di Macondo, Ianieri Edizioni.


Fuoriporta project in collaboration with a sociologist in Pennapiedimonte.

Perspectives on the Future Call online project for the research group Paralaxe, Porto


The Slit or Study About Probable Endings collective exhibition for RaMO Art Residence, former Clares Convent, Caramanico Terme.

The House and The Tree collective exhibition in St. Carpoforo church, Milan.


Six Homes book.
Refuge is a Trap! collective exhibition The Wolf barks every night, Genova.


Welcome collective exhibition Tiro no Espaço - #ForaDentro, GNRtion museum, Braga.
Postcards collective exhibition De:Para, Storyboard, Porto.
A Journey in the Garden - The Chronicles artist book.

A Journey in the Garden project at FBAUP, Porto.


Catabasis - Opera in Four Acts collective exhibition,  Museo Tecnica Elettrica, Pavia.
. Look up artist lights, Baronissi.